Gov Matt Mead Signs Approval For DAWG’s Pete’s Pond Funding

DAWGs Awarded Funding Grant From WWNRT for Pete’s Pond

On March 3rd 2017, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead signed the Large Project Funding Bill which awarded grant monies to projects throughout the state to be funded by the Wyoming Wildlife Natural Resource Trust. Here, you can see the Pete’s Pond Funding page.

Matt Mead Awards Pete's Pond Project in Dubois WY with WWNRT

Pete’s Pond Project

$590,000 Total Project Cost – $150,000 to Go

Dubois Anglers Wildlife Group’s “Pete’s Pond Project” was awarded $290,000 toward the construction of a 2-acre pond to be developed on the Town of Dubois Sawmill Site adjacent to the Wind River on the east end town.

DAWGs’ president Larry Lewis said:

“This is huge for us! We have been working on the pond concept for 5 years in cooperation with the Town of Dubois, Wyoming Trout Unlimited, Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Dubois Volunteers Inc. All permits, permissions and preliminary engineering are in place. We are working to raise an additional $150,000 and plan to start excavation work this fall as the balance of  funding is raised.”


Pete's Pond needs funding


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