Pete’s Pond Construction Begins!

Here We Go – Pete’s Pond Construction Started Today !

From DAWGS President Larry Lewis 10/25/2017

“Wow – today the contractor ACTUALLY STARTED DIGGING THE POND.
yesterdays prep work involved site preparation, staking by the engineers and fully establishing parameters

DAWGS - Construction Begins!

Petes Pond in Dubois Wyoming

DAWGS Petes Pond Construction Started October 25th 2017

Petes Pond will be located in the heart of Dubois Wyoming

Pete's Pond site in Dubois WY. This is a radar

Like “a fish finder on steroids” – this device helps the operator get going on Pete’s Pond

Just too excited not to pass these photos along!!

The screen shot is inside the cab of the excavator. The operator can see on his screen exactly where the bucket is in relation to the pond contour elevation design. So nobody has to hold a stick and say you need to go down another foot.

The thing is so precise that it reads the teeth location on both sides of the bucket.

It’s kinda like a fish finder on steroids.

As always -thanks for your support.

– Larry

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