Handicap Accessible Fishing The Sawmill Site Dubois Wyoming

The Latest News For Handicap Fishing Access In Wyoming

Wyoming Game and Fish Video Shows Our Friend Ashley at the Public Access Sawmill Site for Disabled Anglers

This project, started by DAWGS in 2007, features seven public handicap ramps along the Wind River.

“Access for disabled anglers is usually limited to platforms next to public ponds where anglers can’t really get into the action. A public access area near Dubois, Wyoming is changing the game” – Wyoming Game and Fish

Ashley and Leon Flyfishing on the completed Handicap Access site

Ashley and Leon Flyfishing on one of the 7 Handicap Access locations at the Sawmill Site – Dubois WY

The Original Sawmill Site For Handicap Fishing Access Phases and Plans


The DAWGS Sawmill Habitat Management Project was a huge success

Here is how the DAWGS Sawmill Habitat and Handicapped Access worked in 4 Phases

The Sawmill Habitat project has a very long history. It was proposed back in 2004 and went on until 2010 where DAWGS completed the project with the Handicapped Access points and walkway.

Phase One of the Sawmill Site Project was completed upstream of the bridge (present site of the third handicap access platform) in efforts to improve fish habitat. Two structures were installed in the river – a weir and a J-hook. DAWGS also removed a considerable amount of rubbish from this stretch of the river including vehicles, old pipe, and a massive amount of concrete.

Phase Two consisted of another weir installed above the bridge for improved fish habitat and the channels under the bridge retrenched to improve irrigation. Both phases one and two were solely funded by DAWGS.

Phase Three brought in both the pathway and the three handicap access platforms to the Sawmill Site. The pathway stretches 1,200ft upstream of the bridge and the platforms access the improved habitat created in the earlier phases of the project. This major phase of the project was funded with the assistance of Wyoming Game and Fish and Dubois Volunteer, Inc.(DVI).

Phase Four occurred downstream of the bridge. Channels were deepened and point bars installed to improve the fish habitat to the downstream section of the site.

Future Sawmill Site Projects: DAWGS is hoping to continue pathway development and handicap access sites to the downstream section of the river. DAWGS is currently seeking additional funding to assist with the project. A grant application has been submitted to Wyoming Game and Fish and DVI is willing to allocate funding for this future project.

Check out the article about the project completion here: Casper Star Tribune article(LINK) to this article: Dubois Group Finishes Handicapped Accesses on the Wind River

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