Pete’s Pond Is Now Full With Water! Update January 2018! WOW!

Pictures! Pete’s Pond Has Water In It!!

YES! A quick Pete’s Pond Update showing the incredible progress so far. Check out these latest pictures of this incredible project in beautiful Dubois, Wyoming.

Dubois WY Has Pete's Pond With Water

Even deer are attracted to the new Pete’s Pond in Dubois!


Dubois Anglers and Wildlife Group-Petes Pond

A beautiful view of Pete’s Pond – Now with WATER!

Water comes from the Wind River

Pete’s Pond filled up with water rather quickly! Moving in the right direction, THANKS to YOU!


Beautiful sunlight through the trees at Pete’s Pond in Dubois WYO


January 2018 in Dubois, Wyoming Pete's Pond Update

Pete’s Pond even has some Mini Islands!

Dubois Wyo and the Petes Pond Project

This is the overflow/outlet from Pete’s Pond into the Wind River!

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3 thoughts on “Pete’s Pond Is Now Full With Water! Update January 2018! WOW!

  1. Pete’s Family is beyond words, to say all of the thank you’s to provide this wonderful pond and tribute to Pete. There are not enough Thank You’s in the Universe to say how we feel about the years of efforts, you have done to make this a reality. There is not a day in the year that someone or ‘someones’ are at the beautiful site. Last summer the whole family was here and spent hours there just admiring your work. With Love, Carol

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