Pete’s Pond: A Birding Hotspot

We had no idea Pete’s Pond would become a Birding Hotspot. What an excellent addition to the wonderful little mountain Town of Dubois, Wyoming!

By the way – Ron and Judy Johnson have created a NEW BIRDING CHECKLISTCheck out the now 89 Species of Birds Discovered – PDF Pete’s Pond Birding Hotspot List.

In fact, this has become so popular, we decided to create a new page dedicated to Pete’s Pond Bird and Wildlife Photos. Let’s take a look:

Recently, Pete’s Pond was listed as a Birding Hotspot.

Here is the official link:
PS: Thank you Ron Johnson for putting together that great list of the now, 89 bird species sightings!

Check out the 89 Species PDF PDF – Pete’s Pond Bird List.

Here is a short video about our listing with the Birding Website