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Our Mission Statement: “The Dubois Anglers & Wildlife Group (DAWGs) is a non-profit organization committed to the preservation and protection of the recreational and aesthetic quality of the Upper Wind River watershed. The group’s purpose is to promote a scientific understanding of the watershed and to establish benchmarks for restoration, preservation, and long term fishery management which will sustain quality fishing and riparian life. DAWGs works closely with other local organizations and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. The group’s support comes from local anglers and visitors who share a respect for the World Class fishing opportunities in the Dubois area.”
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  • DAWGs 2015 Newsletter - Free Download

    DAWGs Newsletter 2015

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  • Dubois Anglers and Wildlife Group 2014 Newsletter

    DAWGs 2014 Newsletter

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  • Saving wild trout: Suzanne Huhta explains

    Saving Wild Trout On The Wind River: Holmes Ditch Project

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  • DAWGS Newsletter 2013-Winter Edition

    DAWGs Newsletter 2013

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  • Horse Creek Project before and after photos of the Headgate

    Horse Creek Project Update Video And Pictures

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  • This youngster shows us what she won at the DAWGS Annual Fundrai

    DAWGS Annual Fundraiser 2012 Highlights

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  • DAWGS Annual Fundraiser - The Raffle Features These Great Item!

    DAWGS Annual Fundraiser: Join Our Efforts!

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  • Wyoming Trout Unlimited YL Cutthroat Project

    Save The Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Video Series

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  • Watch Our Video: How To Navigate DAWGs

    Video: How To Navigate DAWGSOnline.org

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  • Yellowstone Lake and Lake Trout - US Bureau of Fisheries-Book

    Lake Trout Problem In Yellowstone

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  • Ranch Manager Reg Phillips, Diamond D and Jeff Vanuga Discussing The Horse Creek Diversion Project

    Horse Creek Diversion Project

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  • Casting for Recovery-Dubois WY 2011

    Casting For Recovery Wyoming

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  • Trout Movement Study-Trout Tagged to be Tracked-8

    Trout Movement Study Project

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  • Never too young to learn to tell tall tales when it comes to fishing

    Kids Fishing Day

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