Fence Removal For Bighorn Sheep & Wildlife

DAWGS received this footage from Eleanor Goodman Gipson. Bighorn Sheep having a difficult time with the fencing. THIS HAS BEEN FIXED.

UPDATE! We are pleased to announce that these fences have been removed!

“I have worked on getting the permits and permission to take the fences down at the Pond area for about 6 mo. The neighbor took a video of bighorn sheep getting bottle-necked. The G & F signed off and wrote me a letter of support.”

Leon Sanderson – Dubois Anglers and Wildlife Group
DAWGS Fence Project 2021
September 2021 – Fence Removal Project in Dubois, Wyoming

The Fence on the North side belonged to another land owner so we talked with them as well.

Dubois Anglers and Wildlife Group hired O’Neal Fencing to work on and complete this project.
The State has also mowed this area and it looks great!
A nice improvement. Bighorn Sheep and Wildlife will be able to move more freely now that the fence is down.

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