Winner of the DAWGS Award at the WATA Show in Sheridan

Congratulations to Matthew Mock

Matthew was this years recipient for the DAWGS award recognizing excellence in taxidermy. WATA is the Wyoming Association of Taxidermy Artists.

“The Wyoming Association of Taxidermy Artists, a non-profit organization, will help increase public awareness of quality taxidermy, raise the standards of taxidermy through its annual competition, increase the knowledge of its members through educational seminars and form a camaraderie between taxidermists statewide.”

Professional taxidermist Matthew Mock poses with the DAWGS award, and his 1st Place trophy from the WATA.
Matthew holds his DAWGS Award at the WATA Show – April 2022

Years ago, DAWGS Member and professional taxidermist Lynn Stewart asked DAWGS for a special award for “Best Freshwater Species.”

“I chose the award for the show as to my opinion of the best mount.”

Lynn Stewart

Chatting with Lynn, Matthew Mock said:

“Thank you…I live in Ronan and grew up in the Hot Springs Plains area. The fish came from the Lil Thompson River outside of Thompson Falls in NW Montana. Thankful to have it recognized by someone who appreciates the effort put into it.”

Matthew Mock
Matthew Mock won first place from WATA and the DAWGS Award for this mount.
Close up of Matthew Mock’s WATA First Place Mount

Bravo, Matthew! Well deserved.

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