Trout Movement Study Project

  • What Is The Trout Movement Study?

    Trout Unlimited and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department are conducting a cutthroat trout movement study in the Wiggins and East Forks of the Wind River.

    DAWGS has assisted with this project by helping to tag the fish. The project also has an educational component where students from the Dubois Wyoming K-8 school came out to the East Fork to learn about telemetry.

    Here is a Trout Movement Study News Video that features the Dubois Wyoming children learning all about this project:

    Dubois anglers and Wildlife Group volunteers also ran a clinic for the students and introduced them to the art of fly fishing.

    Wyoming TU-Final Report on the Trout Movement Study-Click Here to Download

    Download The Final Report on The Trout Movement Study

    Wyoming Game and Fish and Trout Unlimited will be monitoring the fish movement for several more months.

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