Saving Wild Trout On The Wind River: Holmes Ditch Project

About Trout Conservation: Wind River Fish Screen and the Holmes Ditch Project in Dubois WY

If we were to sum this up in one sentence, it would be this:

“Trout Conservation Fish Screen Saves 1,000’s of Wild Trout Each Year!”

Must see this great trout conservation video from the Dubois Anglers and Wildlife Group.

Rather than getting too wordy, we’ll let this video do most of the talking:

How To Protect Wild Trout On The Wind River: The Holmes Ditch Project

Trout Conservation by using a Fish ScreenThe Holmes Ditch Project near Dubois, WY is now complete. We have just finished a video that describes this incredible fish screening set up.

It also has loads of excellent pictures, showing many stages of the Holmes Ditch project.

Dubois Anglers and Wildlife Group President, Leon Sanderson, also goes through a list of people who we want to thank.

If you are curious about protecting trout and how to prevent fish loss, especially in irrigation ditches, this Wyoming Made Trout Conservation video is for you. (see above)

Did You Know?

The Upper Wind River does NOT receive “plants” of rainbow, browns or any other species of trout. Rather, it is managed as a Wild Trout Fishery. As such, trout conservation is extremely important.

The Holmes Ditch Project was designed from the ground up to protect our wild trout population.

Want To See The Entire Holmes Ditch Project From Inception To Completion In Under 4 Minutes?

Watch This…

Suzanne Huhta, the designer of this wonderful fish screen, mentioned that even fingerlings and fry will be saved.

That is certainly great news, especially considering the fact that 1,000’s of these “baby trout” are lost each year.

“…so many little fingerlings and fry that this will save – that aren’t even included in the counts.”

New Headgate at Holmes Ditch Will Also Help With Irrigation

Holmes Ditch near Dubois WY Gets a New HeadgatePresident of D.A.W.G.s, Leon Sanderson, mentioned in the video that this new headgate was largely responsible for getting approval for the project.

Trout Conservation Couldn’t Happen Without Help

D.A.W.G.S would like to sincerely thank the following people and organizations for making this Holmes Ditch Project possible:

Grover C. Dahn – Primary Land Owner

Daniel G. Higman – Primary Land Owner

The Holmes Ditch Water Users – this would not have been possible without you.

The Shoshone National Forest Service – Thank you.

Suzanne Huhta and her husband Craig who own One Fish Engineering out of Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Dubois WY local Jim Butkovich was instrumental in creating the paddle-wheel, fish screen and many other crucial parts in this system.

Wyoming Game and Fish including Nick Scribner and Kevin Johnson

Wyoming Trout Unlimited and Cory Toye

W.W.N.R.TWyoming Wildlife and National Resource Trust

Rodger Leseberg of T-Y Excavation, Inc. who did the dirt work and more

Neil Neumeyer of Extreme Surveys, Inc for getting the Votes to approve this project

Shot Crete Construction for the incredible concrete work

Jeff Vanuga of N.R.C.S

This video was shot, produced and edited by DAWGS Member Brad Marlow of Marlow’s Fly Shop for

All images used in this video were taken by Leon Sanderson and Brad Marlow

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  1. Amazing effort to make a real difference in a community. Congratulations to you all, and thanks for sharing your technology and knowledge.

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