Horse Creek Project Update Video And Pictures

Horse Creek Diversion Project Update and Video Report With WG&F Nick Scribner

Horse Creek Project before and after photos of the HeadgateEarlier in February of 2012, we posted information about the Horse Creek Project. As mentioned in that article, one of the primary objectives was to replace a beaten up and worn out headgate. This old headgate prevented fish from traveling their normal course.

In April of 2012 – we traveled to the Horse Creek Project site. While there, we spoke with Wyoming Game and Fish Biologist, Nick Scribner. Nick is also the gentleman behind much of the Fund Raising and Coordination for this incredible project.

More recently, we visited the Horse Creek Project site in December 2012. We took more photos and video of the beautiful job that has been done thus far. Everything from rock vein structures to the new Headgate can be seen in this new video.

The Horse Creek Project Video: An Interview With Wyoming Game and Fish Biologist Nick Scribner

D.A.W.G.s President, Leon Sanderson created the Horse Creek Project Before and After photo comparison. This document was presented at the Dubois Anglers and Wildlife Meeting on December 6th, 2012. We have also uploaded numerous photos dating back to November 2011 up to the present. These images show what a great job has been done. See the Horse Creek Diversion Project Photo Gallery just below.

Numerous people are involved in the Horse Creek Project. We want to thank them all for their participation.

Jeff Sussman – Diamond D Cattle Ranch
Reg Phillips – Diamond D Cattle Ranch
Will Rigsby – E A Ranch
Consultants – Sage Engineering

Nick Scribner – Wyoming Game and Fish
Kevin Johnson – Wyoming Game and Fish
Cory Toye – T.U. Wyoming
Jeff Vanuga – NRCS
Roger Leseberg – Construction
Leon Sanderson – Dubois Anglers and Wildlife Group

Here, as promised, are over 20 before and after photos of the Horse Creek Project. These images cover a time frame from November 2011 to December 2012. Enjoy!

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