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  • DAWGS Fishing Information For The Upper Wind River Area

    A while back, someone probably asked the question so, what’s works around here? Referring to flies on the Wind River and other nearby creeks, streams and lakes. While the the question still gets asked to this day, The Dubois Anglers and Wildlife Group came up the Wind River Steady Eddies. A collection of six tasty bugs that flat work around the Dubois WY area.

    Here is a little more information about them:

    1. The Elk Hair Caddis – The caddis fly can come off any month of the year in the “Banana Belt”. Size 14-18
    2. The Woolly Bugger – An early and late season fly. A dead drift achieves a stonefly imitation while actively stripping imitates a sculpin or minnow. Size big and bigger.
    3. The Gold Ribbed Hair’s Ear – Trout love it! Whitefish love it more!! Whitefish need love too!!! Size 10-16
    4. The Parachute Adams – One can probably see more of these in the trees and bushes along the Wind than any other dry fly. Size 14-16
    5. The Prince Nymph – There is so much controversy over WHAT this fly imitates that we refuse to use it except for on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, every Tuesday and Thursday, and always on weekends! This is the most eaten nymph in the valley. Size 10-16
    6. The Hopper Patterns – If the wind ever happens to blow, some of these terrestrials end up in the water, soon to become fish food! Size 8-12

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